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Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on.
Philippians 3:13-14

    About Me:

    You may find me to be a little different than most reiki practitioners. I am a business person with 30+ years in technology sales. My career has been an exciting, wild ride. At IBM, I worked with the latest technologies traveling the globe to meet our top customers. I retired from IBM after 20 years in 2020 to join Amazon. Over the years, I sought ways to heal myself from the toxicity of corporate life. That’s when I found reiki, and Toni Dafeldecker, founder of Christ Heart Reiki® (CHR). Reiki simply worked for me like nothing else. Through reiki, I experience extended periods of peace and reduced stress. Reiki connects me with the universe where I feel more attuned to the big picture.

    According to my grandmother, I come from a long line of healers. Both my grandparents were active faith-based healers in their community. I became a Holy Fire® Reiki Practitioner in 2017 with the intention of exclusively healing myself and my family. I was part of Toni’s first Christ Heart Reiki® practitioner class in 2018. CHR takes reiki one step deeper for me. Seeing my successful results, friends asked me for sessions. The word spread. I now provide in-person reiki at Victory Power Yoga in Clayton, NC. You can also connect with me for distance sessions for yourself, or gift it to a loved one or pet. 


    On a personal note, I live on a small hobby farm in Zebulon, NC with my husband (a former Green Beret, turned physician's assistant), daughter, my horse Rock Star, many chickens, bunnies, steer, and a passel of lovable pups. I use reiki in every aspect of my daily life, including sending to family, friends, and animals. I even use it to clear energy in business. Even with so much going on in life, I find time for my own reiki practice. It’s essential. 



    Usui / Holy Fire® Reiki I and II – 2017

    Certified Christ Heart Reiki® Practitioner –  2018, 2021



    Christ Heart Reiki Practitioners Association – (CHRPA)



    All modalities that I use are designed to help clients reach higher levels of relaxation, reduce stress, assist with pain relief, provide healing at the cellular level, and any other healing issues they are seeking to resolve.

    In-Person Sessions at Victory Power Yoga, Clayton, NC

    In-Person Sessions in Nature at PrettyRunFarm, Zebulon, NC

    Distant Sessions by Appointment

    Pet Reiki: In-Person or Distant Sessions by Appointment

    Tarot Card Reading by Appointment 

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