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The Christ Heart Reiki ® Difference 

Christ Heart Reiki System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing offers a truly unique experience in the lineage of Reiki. The sessions are conducted quite differently from other Reiki Healing sessions with benefits and results that are divinely potent. 

The Christ Heart Reiki difference:

  • The first distinction you will notice begins at the very first step of training in order to be a Christ Heart Reiki Healing Practitioner; it is infinitely different from other Reiki lineages, where one might take an accelerated course going from Level 1 to Master in a weekend. The journey a Christ Heart Reiki Healing Practitioner embarks on is one that includes ongoing support, guidance, and mentoring from their Master/Teacher.  After participating in a 2-day Foundation Class, the "Student Practitioner"  is required to perform a specific amount of sessions, including reporting on the session and having a dialogue after EACH session with their Master/Teacher. After all requirements are met, they will then receive their Practitioner Certificate.  A Certified Christ Heart Reiki Practitioner can work towards Christ Heart Reiki Master/Teacher level in a similar way - by providing a specific amount of sessions, followed by discussion/guidance with their Christ Heart Reiki ® Master/Teacher.  This model is strikingly similar to how the Usui Sensei trained his students. 

  • In order for the healing session to be considered Christ Heart Reiki, it is the ONLY Reiki and/or healing modality utilized. No other energies will be channeled.

  • The Christ Heart Reiki Healing Practitioner will frequently receive intuitive information and specific guidance for the recipient directly from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. During a Christ Heart Reiki session, while the Reiki is channeled through the practitioner, the actual Realignment & Balancing is done by the Archangels, as overseen by Jesus and/or other Ascended Masters.  

  • The Christ Heart Reiki System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing is a series of 7 sessions with cumulative results. Each session is a potent experience bringing you deeper into alignment with Source, Christ Consciousness and your TRUE SELF.  Christ Heart Reiki will very frequently reveal the truths that you aren't aware of yet -  those aspects that you are perhaps subconsciously blocking or even resisting on a conscious level. 

  • The recipients of  Christ Heart Reiki do not only receive healing for themselves, they are empowered by the mission that is Christ Heart Reiki to functionally serve as channels or portals that in turn will heal Gaia.  Recipients are conduits for The Higher Dimensions, assisting with Planetary Ascension, for the Healing & Empowerment of the Earth & All her Inhabitants.

  • Christ Heart Reiki System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing removes generational attachments & patterns present in our DNA - reconfiguring & rewiring - allowing us to be more fully in our etheric bodies.  These attachments are linked back to the beginning of Time on Earth

  • Christ Heart Reiki System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing results in a diminished hold of the 3D world - less attached and affected by the heaviness of a 3D experience, which is the source of all suffering and illness

  • During a Christ Heart Reiki ® System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing session, shifts are occurring as things are being rearranged - this is the realignment & balancing. This allows the work to be done after and in between the sessions - this includes receiving messages and downloads. 

  • Christ Heart Reiki System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing is on the microcosmic level - shifting and removing root causes that prevent one from accessing their true path and connection with Source.  Everything and anything that is not for one's highest purpose and in divine alignment will be swiftly and easily eliminated. 

  • Christ Heart Reiki System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing heals the subtle energetic body (the chakras & aura) from the root chakra to the crown. Each session addresses a specific chakra, in addition to supporting the higher heart chakra. ​





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