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Christ Heart Reiki ® Healing Sessions


Sessions are conducted via Distance Healing or In-Person, both with the same potent outcome. The Christ Heart Reiki ® Healing Practitioner will  receive guidance from Ascended Masters and/or Angel guides and each session will include intuitive messages & your personal Archangel's name to assist you in between your healing sessions.  Your Christ Heart Reiki ® Healing Practitioner may also utilize crystal healing, sound healing, aromatherapy etc depending on their guidance and expertise. 


Before each session you will set and send your “intention”  to your Christ Heart Reiki ® Healing Practitioner - it can be the same for each session or can vary. 

​In Person Sessions:

  • You will be lying on a massage table while fully clothed.

  • Your sessions are approximately 1 1/2  hr in length including Pre & Post Sacred Communication. 

  • These sessions feel like a deep meditation, or like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

Distance Sessions: The terms Distant and Remote, are interchangeable when used in the context of Energy Healing. Being Reiki  works on the etheric level it is not limited in any way by time or space.    

  • You will decide with your Christ Heart Reiki ®  Healing Practitioner as to your preference for the session; i.e. via phone, video call or email/text

  • At the time of your appointment, you will connect via chosen method. The session will begin with Sacred Communication between yourself and your Christ Heart Reiki ® Healing Practitioner - you will set your intention and discuss any questions or concerns. 

  • During the actual session, it is suggested you lie down in a quiet space where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session. It is very likely you will be able to feel the pleasant Reiki energies flowing in and around you. You may see colors or have other beautiful experiences, you may receive messages or you might simply drift off to sleep. There is NO right or wrong way to experience your session and no two session will be the same, each session is guided by the client's intention in addition to the Divine Guidance your Christ Heart Reiki ® Healing Practitioner receives. 

  • The session will conclude with Sacred Communication with your Christ Heart Reiki ® Healing Practitioner during which you will discuss your experience and share any information you received, while they will provide guidance and share messages received from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. You may be directed to perform daily healing & clearing rituals that will further assist and strengthen your declaration to YOURSELF and SOURCE. Additionally, you will receive your personal Archangel's name with each session that you will call on to further assist and guide you between sessions. 

Are you ready to realign with your DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE?  Schedule your session today with a Christ Heart Reiki ® Healing Practitioner 




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