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Welcome to CHR Practitioner Spotlight  - each month we'll feature one of our practitioners

so you can get to know them on a more personal level!

Meet Debbie Johnson of Becoming a Guiding Light




WHO is Debbie? Your true essence, perhaps, the parts that others don't see. 

One core aspect of me is Servant Leadership. I am always there to serve for the highest and best good for myself and others. As the Light within me became brighter and brighter, I became guided to help others on their path to Become a Guiding Light then they in turn help others.

What led you to the path of being a Christ Heart Reiki® Practitioner? 

Christ Heart Reiki is an extension of Christ Consciousness and by becoming an actively learning participant, I allowed Jesus and the Archangels to come into my life on a more personal and a much higher healing level of existence.

Can you please describe your “business” if you have one and/or your spiritual practice? 

My Business is called ‘Becoming a Guiding Light’ and is actually 2 parts – physical and spiritual. The 1st part is about me, a Healer, extending my hand forth and asking for Reiki’s assistance and the 2nd part is demonstrating how the Reiki’s Healing Energy is flowing so vibrantly with Life. To me its Life is more real to me then my physical world.  How? Each Business has a Soul that is seeking and waiting patiently for that special someone to come along to bring forth its Life – separate and yet together (one cannot exist without other). The hand is the gateway between the physical and spiritual and together we demonstrate the amazing vibrant living Reiki Healing Energy flowing effortlessly to the requestor (person, animal, plant, etc.).  


Have you always been a “spiritual person”? 

Yes, I have always been consciously walking with God’s presence since my childhood days. I can still remember at the age of 8 standing on a granite rock and singing songs to God and Jesus as loud as I could. Then years later, I would have to make life changing choices in my life and would always have conversation with God then wait and listen for His Voice, His Sight, His Wisdom to come forth to my hearing, my sight and my knowing.  


What practices do you find keep you centered? 

Meditations and living a Spirit Led Lifestyle.  My life is busy between the logical engineering part of me and the spiritual world.  I believe, by keeping my spiritual self in balance.  I can cope with the physical reality a lot better by asking, seeking and waiting.  How do I wait – meditation and walking with Him daily and so, by doing His Voice, His Sight, His Wisdom comes forth to my hearing, my sight and my knowing.


WHERE can we learn more about you and your offerings i.e. website, social media etc? 
  • Visit my website at

  • Send a Request to join my Facebook page named ‘Guiding Light Reiki’ in Georgia

  • Join my monthly at Meetup’s Public Reiki Circle with Becoming a Guiding Light (Byron, GA).  

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