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Welcome to CHR Practitioner Spotlight  - each month we'll feature one of our practitioners

so you can get to know them on a more personal level!

Meet Toni, Founder of Christ Heart Reiki System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing




WHO is Toni? Your true essence, perhaps, the parts that others don't see. 

I am a Pisces, which means I am like 2 fish always swimming/moving and doing multiple, completely unrelated things simultaneously.  Also, I am able see/feel all sides of most situations.  I am an activist for the Light.  I like to have working Mission and Vision statements for my work and my life.   My Mission is to follow God’s Will for me; My Vision is for Peace on Earth. 


What led you to the path of being a Christ Heart Reiki® Practitioner? 

Jesus The Christ has guided me and continues to guide me.  


Can you please describe your “business” if you have one and/or your spiritual practice? 

My business is a holistic healing practice which has evolved over the years to be much more streamlined and focused.  All of my healing practices now have only the energy of Christ Heart Reiki® as their source.  I offer distant Christ Heart Reiki® sessions; Christ Heart Reiki® classes; and Christ Heart Reiki® Sacred Tarot Readings for Life Guidance.  One of the cornerstones of Christ Heart Reiki® is to receive specific guidance/messages for the seeker/client.  The combination of Christ Heart Reiki® Healing Energy and the Messages that come through, has proven over and over to be life changing for those in need.  


Additionally I am now working to bring forward The Angels of Christ Heart Reiki® essential oils.  


Have you always been a “spiritual person”? 

I would say yes.  However, I didn’t begin to consciously know and embraced this about myself, much less recognize it as a “path” and/or a “practice”, until I was in my 30’s.  


What practices do you find keep you centered? 

My reiki practice keeps me centered.. This is a (nearly) daily practice of Meditative Self-Christ Heart Reiki® which includes prayer, meditation, and self-reiki; usually lasting 20 - 40 minutes.  Additionally, I will often activate and call upon Christ Heart Reiki® throughout the day to bring peace to my heart, to my mind; or send it to others &/or the world.  


WHERE can we learn more about you and your offerings i.e. website, social media etc?

Click HERE for Toni's practitioner listing

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