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"Just for today,

Do not anger.  

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.  

Devote yourself to your work.  

Be kind to people.  

Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.  

Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth.” 

- Dr. Usui Mikao

About Me

Deborah Johnson has vast experience in the area of holistic wellness. Her journey began over 30 years ago with Energy Healing with family members. In recent years, her understandings of the human body have far surpassed the mere physical realm. It is important to treat our energetic ‘Chi Nature’ as this is a direct link to the many physical ailments, pain, addiction and emotional suffering for people.  Deborah has obtained the highest level of Reiki studies as a Karuna® Master Teacher and Christ Heart Reiki® Master Teacher. She has expanded the Reiki community through teaching and certifying Reiki Practitioners. She also welcomes everyone to experience the power of Reiki Healing through her monthly Meetup meetings with "Public Reiki Share with Becoming a Guiding Light (Byron, GA)". She is presently accepting new clients with her Healing practice for variety treatment sessions. 


As you work with Deborah, Christ Energy will reveal how to help you develop confidence with your path (journey). Conversely, your Faith, Trust and Goodwill with God are essential with overcoming any obstacles.  Your Journey may require many steps (some small, some big) but as you re-shape your Spirit and Mind, you are helping yourself reach your highest potential.  These steps could be - Release fears and old wounds, Experience freedom from the past, Find new possibilities and ways of being, Feeling totally set free with wings to fly!  You may begin to recognize and receive messages from Spirit when you begin seeing your journey moving forward more easily.  You could, also, sense your ‘Guiding Light’ springing forth with goodness, mercies and favor with a new found Strength, Validity, and Knowing of your life’s purpose.


Learn More 

Warner Robins, Georgia





In-Person or Distant Sessions by Appointment 

Christ Heart Reiki® System or Individual

Holy Fire Experiences (meditation)

Usui / Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki

Animal Reiki

Certified Akashic Records Consultant (Book of Life)



  • Arthur Findlay College, Healing with the Hands - March 2019 

  • Christ Heart Reiki® Master Teacher Practitioner (CHR) - January 2019

  • CHR Practitioner - October 2017

  • CHR Student Practitioner - April 2017

  • Certified Akashic Records Consultant / Healer – February 2017 

  • Animal Reiki (Reiki for Paws and Claws) – August 2016 

  • Registered Usui/Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher (ICRT) - April 2015 (2019)

  • Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Master Teacher - October 2014

  • Usui/Tibetan Reiki I / II Practitioner - June 2013

  • Traditional Inca/American Indian Shaman – April 2013

  • Advanced Inca/American Indian Shaman – June 2013

  • Hawaiian Shaman (The Shamanic Path) – February 2014



  • Christ Heart Reiki® (CHR) – Professional Member 2018 

  • International Center Reiki Training (ICRT) – Professional Member 2016  

  • Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom – Member 2017

  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007


Christ Heart Reiki® Client Testimonials & Recommendations: 


Very pleased with the ‘results’ – I’ve been re-born!

I’ve had Reiki Healing sessions but Christ Heart Reiki is different because it involves a ‘Journey of Your Soul’. In the first stage, you shed old patterns and lower energies. You may become very sensitive and emotional then you’re cleanse and heal. Finally, you are re-born to a Higher Spiritual Level. With every session I felt she was targeting exactly what I needed at the moment, whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual healing. When she described her visions and messages from Spirit at the end of each session, they invariably matched what I had felt and seen providing validation. 

~Eugenia Georgia, USA


I noticed an overall level of calmness in my being, less reactive and more motivated.

I received a series of seven CHR remote sessions from Deborah. Each week a new set of angels would come in to assist me. On the first week, I had a huge clearing in my throat and felt it working from the time she setup Scared Space prior to the session beginning. The second session energy came with Mother Mary and realized I was more organized and a lot happier. Mother Mary continued her presence in the third session and felt a lot of love as her heart came into my heart. By the fourth session, I noticed an overall level of calmness. 

~Carol CA, USA

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