“There is a Light in this world, a Healing Spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter…hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.”  

- Mother Teresa   

About Me

I am a Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and a Practitioner in both Christ Heart Reiki® (CHR) and Usui / Holy Fire® II Reiki (HF).  I have been practicing Reiki for 6+ years and became introduced to this wonderful energy and the relaxation and peace of mind it provides my clients during my 18+ years working in Senior and Hospice Care.  I am a ‘snowbird’ between NJ and FL, so, my ability to conduct distant sessions, allows me to be available no matter where my clients reside.  I love the profound changes and transformations Reiki has provided and am honored to practice this ancient art.



Christ Heart Reiki® Practitioner (CHR) - May 2019

   - Christ Heart Reiki® Student Practitioner - XXX 2019

Certified End of Life Doula (INELDA) - 2018

Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher (ICRT) - 2012

   - Usui / Holy Fire® II Reiki I / II Practitioner (ICRT) - May 2016

Masters Business Administration (MBA), Fairleigh Dickinson University - 1986

Certified Medical Technologist (ASCP) - 1980



Christ Heart Reiki® (CHR) - 2019 

International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) - 2018 

International Center Reiki Training (ICRT) - 2016  

American Society of Clinical Pathologist (ASCP) - 1980


Distant and In-Person Session by Appointment Only

Christ Heart Reiki®, Usui/Tibetan Reiki or Usui/Holy Fire® II Reiki



Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

PHONE :908-616-7004 

EMAIL: annreganjean@gmail.com




 Christ Heart Reiki® Client Testimonials & Recommendations: 

As a 63-year-old male battling end stage prostate cancer (that has spread to the bones and lungs) for the past 11 years, my wife is always searching for new treatments.  I was recommended to try Reiki with Ann Regan Jean.  I experienced a great sense of relaxation and healing; the mental heaviness of cancer was lifted and I was able to connect with my mother who passed away over 40 years ago which brought me great solace and peace.  Being a spiritual person, Reiki helped me to connect with a healing aspect I had not even thought would bring me both physical and mental relief.  I am forever grateful for her patience, warmth and kindness and healing expertise. 

Sincerely, Joe Czech, NJ


I am truly blessed to know Ann Regan-Jean.  Her powerful Reiki energy helped me tremendously when my mom passed and with several chronic health issues.  Whether she forwarded her energy from a distance or in person, it was amazing how peaceful and rested I became.  I shall be forever grateful! 

- Marianne Cedrone, NJ

As a Reiki Master & Energy Healing Practitioner - I seek out the most qualified practitioners to provide healing to me. I can testify that the Christ Heart Reiki sessions (full series of 7 "Cosmic Realignment & Balancing) I received from Ann were beyond amazing!  While the sessions themselves weren't extremely different from other Reiki sessions from a receiving standpoint (slight differences like Sacred Communication, channeling of Ascended Masters & Angels etc), there was nothing to forewarn of the major transformation that I would experience as a result of them! I had specific unresolvable issues in my life that were holding me back (this is called a Limited Belief in CHR). Within a few weeks of completing the series, CHR swiftly and easily removed aspects in my life that were not of my highest purpose and in Divine Alignment - this extended to personal & professional (i.e. the ending of a 13 year relationship, the closing of my business - to name just 2). How do I know it was Divine Alignment? Quite simply -  there was no resistance on my part, these major occurrences & shifts were a welcome in my life as I soon began an intense path of self discovery and surrender - while this may sound scary, it was not at all (finally being able to release a less than healthy relationship that I just couldn't for years! - ended seamlessly,  without warning). I experienced a sense of freedom; NOT everyone will experience loss - in my case, those were the aspects holding me back. CHR will put you on the path to discovering and BEING who you are meant to be. My life has shifted in the most beautifully dramatic ways. When you are in divine alignment - limiting beliefs, those things that hold us back from being who we truly are, suddenly dissolve. Poof - like MAGIC.  I can't recommend this series enough!

-Angelina Helene, NJ