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Angel Spotlight - Archangel Raziel, the angel of spiritual insight.

Raziel is the main Archangel that supports Christ Heart Reiki Practitioners to foster comprehension & mastery.

Meaning of name: The Secret of God, Archangel of Mysteries.

Appearance: Tall with HUGE sky blue wings, gray gossamer clothing and an aura with all 7 colors of the rainbow like a sparkling crystal with glowing yellow halo encircling his crown

Embodies: Indigo Ray, Intelligence, Loving, Kindness

Significance: Raziel is the Archangel of spiritual wisdom and clairvoyance and can help you tap into your true power. Raziel creates a connection between you and the Divine Source, improving intuitive skills.

Crystal: Clear Quartz, Diamond, Smoky Quartz

Chakras: Throat & Crown

Essential Oil: Frankincense, White Angelica

Physical: The indigo ray is associated with the throat chakra. When we are touched by Raziel’s indigo ray, our capacity for clear communications is greatly enhanced. Raziel’s healing energy can also alleviate lower back pain, ease kidney disease, and reduce blood pressure. Raziel has a distinctly calming influence on our bodies and organ systems.

Spiritual: Raziel will put you into alignment with your special spiritual gifts, allowing you to develop them as fully as possible. When you connect with Archangel Raziel regularly, you will find that your internal communication has more clarity. As you become more self aware, your self-knowledge and personal understanding will increase, and your thoughts will deepen into wisdom, bringing to light all of the lessons your soul has accumulated over time, and assists you in applying them them to your present life's purpose.

Invocation: Archangel Raziel, please bring me spiritual insights that will deepen my understanding of the universe and God’s will for me. Assist me in interpreting God’s guidance and help me apply it in my life. Help me to understand, interpret and evaluate the information that comes to me in my life.

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