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Are you interested in receiving Christ Heart Reiki ® sessions or would you like to enroll in Christ Heart Reiki 2 Day Foundations class?  See below for a list of our Teachers & Practitioners.


Please note that there are 3 levels to choose from:

Christ Heart Reiki ® Student Practitioner- Individuals who have completed the 2 Day Foundations class and are in the process of completing the requirements to become certified.  As students are in the process of providing a certain amount of Christ Heart Reiki ® sessions to certify, they may offer special pricing on sessions.  




Christ Heart Reiki ® Practitioner - Individuals who have completed the 2 Day Foundations class and additionally have completed the requirements for certification (many are in the process of Master/Teacher coursework)




Christ Heart Reiki ® Master Teacher Practitioner- These individuals have completed all the previous requirements.  Additionally, they have completed an extensive one on one internship training, including additional hands-on training and are now able to Teach Christ Heart Reiki® Classes.  

***NOTE: the level of in-class training ALL Practitioners receive is the same; the difference in level is explained here

For important things to consider when choosing a Christ Heart Reiki Healing Practitioner & what to expect from your CHR System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing Session

Use the filter below to search the complete list of practitioners

Practitioner Level
Practitioner Name
CHR Master Teacher
North Carolina
Toni Dafeldecker
CHR Master Teacher
Helen Z. Repper
CHR Master Teacher
New Jersey
Mary Andreano
CHR Master Teacher
North Carolina
Lisa Lamporte
CHR Master Teacher
Deborah Johnson
CHR Master Teacher
Mickey Shank Azar
CHR Practitioner
Ann Regan-jean
CHR Practitioner
New Jersey
Angelina Helene
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