Are you interested in receiving Christ Heart Reiki ® sessions or would you like to enroll in Christ Heart Reiki 2 Day Foundations class?  See below for a list of our Teachers & Practitioners.


Please note that there are 3 levels to choose from:

Christ Heart Reiki ® Student Practitioner- Individuals who have completed the 2 Day Foundations class and are in the process of completing the independent requirements to be certified.  As students are in the process of providing a certain amount of Christ Heart Reiki ® sessions to certify, they may offer special pricing on sessions.  




Christ Heart Reiki ® Practitioner - Individuals who have both completed the 2 Day Foundations class and have completed requirements for certification (many are in the process of Master/Teacher coursework)




Christ Heart Reiki ® Master Teacher Practitioner- These individuals have met ALL requirements at previous 2 levels and are teaching. 

***NOTE: the level of in-class training ALL Practitioners receive is the same; the difference in level is explained here

For important things to consider when choosing a Christ Heart Reiki Healing Practitioner & what to expect from your CHR System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing Session

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